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Demonic Circle It was announced that a right-wing church called Open Door Baptist Church of Easley, SC, forgot to renew the name of their popular website,, and the…More


Last issue’s BTW reported on a student action at UT-Austin in response to a new Texas law that allows students to carry concealed weapons on campus, which is to…More

Out Came Iceman A retronym is a word like “landline” that renames a familiar item when something new comes along. With the advent of the cellphone, we learned we’d…More

Time on the Runway To the Editor: I read with interest David Masello’s article on showroom models in your November-December issue. I was a successful model back in the…More

Books Today Are a Fungible Affair To the Editor: In “The Price of Going Mainstream” [May-June 2015], Dolores Klaich mourns the fate of gay and lesbian bookstores, which are…More

Not a Good Match At London’s Pride parade this year, CNN reported spotting a banner representing the terrorist organization ISIS. The implied message seemed to be: ISIS is everywhere,…More


It was the media event of the summer: the transformation of Olympic triathlete Bruce Jenner into “Call me Caitlyn.” For years the butt of late-night jokes due to his extensive…More

My Huckleberry Friend: The relocated Whitney Museum opened in Manhattan last May in a blaze of glory, but not without a note of disharmony when a sculpture that had been commissioned…More


Bloggers and Facebookers tittered (and twittered) about an item in an Alaska newspaper, The Juneau Empire, running under the headline “Glory Hole Rededication” and picturing a priest announcing the relaunch…More

  Those Not Gay Husbands To the Editor:          Commenting on your “BTW” squib about the TLC show, My Husband’s Not Gay [March-April issue], I finally watched the show on…More

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