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The international outrage over the new Russian law prohibiting “propaganda on non-traditional sexual relationships”—and the call for a boycott on Russian products—has spilled over into some cultural institutions in the U.S. and elsewhere.”

In New York, the Metropolitan Opera’s gala opening on September 23 was a Russian-themed affair, and


“Why is gay porn so popular in Pakistan?” asked a recent headline in Mother Jones magazine (June 2013). After adjusting to this somewhat surprising revelation, the mind reeled with hypotheses.…More


A headline in GayStarNews read:  “France: Is this the most homoerotic anti-gay protest ever?” and sure enough, there were the photos of muscular, shirtless dudes in the street protesting France’s same-sex…More


  This was the scene in Budapest this month: The World Jewish Congress took the extraordinary step of holding its quadrennial conference in support of the local Jewish community after recent…More

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