Here’s My Story

HERE’S MY STORY is a new feature on The G&LR’s website, where you can share some part of your life story with other readers. We receive a lot of submissions of personal memoirs, but the magazine doesn’t publish first-person narratives as a general rule. “Here’s My Story” is a space that allows our readers (and others) to talk about their experiences as members of the LGBT+ community. There are no restrictions on subject matter, but some broad areas might include:

  • Coming-out stories
  • Memorable love affairs
  • An epiphany (e.g. a work of art)

Click here to submit a proposal or an article (< 1,000 words, please) for publication. Also include a photo or two that could be included with the piece, as well as a pic of yourself and a short bio.

We will help you with editing as required.

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By Leslie Cohen
Our love for each other is our blessing. I wanted people to know that, to inspire them to love unashamedly.


By Eric Wilson
It was the first time I had ever seen older boys naked, in all their splendor.  I was so spellbound by the sight I could not move.


By Elan Pavlinich

This student had never encountered LGBT cultures before. He knew about gay-bashing, but he did not know any gay people. Suddenly he had an openly queer professor.


BY Stanley Ely

A smidgen of greed does slip in as November days grow shorter and colder, and I think of how I’d like someone to cuddle with. But, I ask, why do I miss a relationship when so many turn out badly?


By Chloe O. Davis.

I feel absolutely beautiful—elevated in my faith and graceful in my being. My unique identity is my story and my purpose. My labels are complex, not complicated. My labels don’t define me but I give them the power to affirm. 


By Nina Kennedy

As a teenager, I performed as a piano soloist throughout the U.S., South America, and the Caribbean. Eventually I came to New York to study at Juilliard and continued to search for love in women’s bars. My second year at Juilliard, I met the woman who taught me what love was …

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