Short film. Based on award winning story by LGBT fiction pioneer Richard Hall.

Here’s My Story

HERE’S MY STORY is a new feature on The G&LR’s website, where you can share some part of your life story with other readers. We receive a lot of submissions of personal memoirs, but the magazine doesn’t publish first-person narratives as a general rule. “Here’s My Story” is a space that allows our readers (and others) to talk about their experiences as members of the LGBT+ community. There are no restrictions on subject matter, but some broad areas might include:

  • Coming-out stories
  • Memorable love affairs
  • An epiphany (e.g. a work of art)

Click here to submit a proposal or an article (< 1,000 words, please) for publication. Also include a photo or two that could be included with the piece, as well as a pic of yourself and a short bio.

We will help you with editing as required.

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by Paul Genega
I WAS A FRESHMEN at Georgetown, America’s oldest Catholic university, when I realized I was gay, so it seems fitting that my coming out story should sound a lot like Saul of Tarsus on the road to becoming St. Paul—lightning bolt of recognition, life-altering epiphany…


by Bishakh Som
Growing up, I took it for granted that we worshipped goddesses. I didn’t realize until around middle school that this was a bit of an anomaly…


by Mike Maloney
I first entered gay limbo over fifteen years ago when I came out to my wife and two adult sons at around the age of fifty-five…and I’ve been here ever since…


by Bob Angell
At the LGBT March on Washington on April 25, 1993, Ben and I walked with our friends south on Ninth Street to the National Mall. We spread out picnic blankets half-way between the U.S. Capital and the Washington Monument, joining what would become over one million protestors.

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