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by Monika Estrella Negra
The Center for Black Equity (CBE) recently released the 2020-21 Black LGBT Community survey, and the results demonstrate the destruction caused by COVID-19…Overall, the survey touches on issues such as Black Lives Matter, income, mainstream LGBT representation and more…


by Kambiz Shekdar
While the world is racing to inject vaccines to defeat coronavirus, Dr. Fauci has renewed the $200 million call to find a cure for HIV/AIDS…Starting this month the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the division of the NIH directed by Dr. Fauci, has begun accepting proposals from the research community for funding to deliver anti-HIV gene therapies…


by Raphael Cormack
People in Cairo in the early 20th century could look to a rich queer tradition that was different from Berlin’s. It is a tradition that does not match European ones, with fundamentally different conceptions of sexuality and gender. To understand modern Cairo we must take it on its own terms…


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by Emily L. Quint Freeman
One May night in 1969, along with seventeen others, I broke into the Selective Service office in Chicago’s South Side. We stuffed over 40,000 draft records into sacks, dragged them to the adjacent parking lot and set them on fire…


by Jennifer Perrine
The Ramblers’ square dance lessons began with a question that might have proved daunting in another environment: Boy or Girl? Despite being nonbinary, I almost always default to “girl” when these are the only two options presented, a defensive habit meant to put other people at ease, but the other dancers made it clear my answer would in no way reflect on my gender…


by Scott Remer
I FIRST QUESTIONED my sexuality in tenth grade. I found myself liking a friend more than straight people tend to like their same-sex friends. It came as an unpleasant surprise. Adolescence is normally a time for doubt and reevaluation, but I wasn’t expecting to have to grapple with such a fundamental aspect of my identity…


Book Reviews

The Poetry of Social Criticism

[T]he Adrienne Rich who became a force in arts and letters before her emergent lesbian political identity was unknown to us. That circle has been completed by Hilary Holladay’s new biography, The Power of Adrienne Rich. Holladay reminds us to look beyond the familiar persona.

Short Reviews

Brief reviews of Stories to Sing in the Dark, and You Will Love What you Have Killed.

Writing without the Filter

            Myles has been called “the rock star of modern poetry.” For their many fans, this book will readily confirm that badge. Others may find For Now bewildering, a labyrinthine ramble with no real payoff. Myles is aware of the risks they’re taking. Literature, they say, “is not a moral project except in this profound aspect of wasting time.” Those who choose to “waste time” with this book should be ready for some surprising, even profound, literary adventures.

Photos Elegant and Elegiac

            When Rhein shows Brown his portraits—sinewy young men, sometimes with pierced ears, nipples, and penises—he calls them by name: “William, Jeffery, John, Andrew, Joe, Russell.” Some were lovers, some friends. Some are living, some are dead. Self-portraits show Rhein sitting or lying nude on a primitive wooden bench. At other times, he appears next to his subjects, kissing them in a rumpled bed, or helping to insert an IV.

‘Perhaps I left my heart in too many places.’

            Repackaged conference papers tend to make for dreadful books, readable only by specialists with magnifying glasses. Happily, Isherwood in Transit is much better than many collections and contains a number of chapters that will be of interest not only to gay readers but also to those interested in the milieux through which Isherwood passed, notably Germany and Japan.

Those Wilder Nights

  THESE FEVERED DAYS Ten Pivotal Moments in the Making of Emily Dickinson by Martha Ackmann Norton. 278 pages, $26.95     IN THESE FEVERED DAYS, Martha Ackmann has hit upon an ingenious method for retelling the extraordinarily well-documented yet maddeningly uncertain life of Emily Dickinson. Each of her ten chapters focuses on a significantMore

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