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… and one is struck by the oddly biblical turn it has taken. While most of America is dutifully masking up, there remains that quadrant in the Southeast where…More


First there was the “water rainbow” in Warsaw, Poland, which thwarted arsonists who kept burning the gay flag in a city square. Then we reported on the “Hate Shield”…More


By Colin Carman
“EVERYBODY comes to Hollywood [and] wants to make it in the neighborhood,” Madonna mused nearly two decades ago on “Hollywood,” asking “How can it hurt you when it looks so good?” That paradox—all the glamour and grime of show business—is well depicted in Circus of Books and Hollywood, a documentary and miniseries, respectively.


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By Winter Breedlove
If I had to trace my genesis as an asexual trans woman, I’d say that the Radical Faerie commune was my stomping ground.


By Mohamad Roshan
I WAS homophobic because the world of homosexuality was dark and unknown to me. I thought that people with such sexual orientations would degrade society as a whole. These kinds of relationships were unimaginable to me, and I couldn’t accept that someone had erotic attractions with the same sex.


By William Lawrence
MY FIRST CONNECTION with people and organizations that campaigned for gay rights was my introduction to the Albany Trust in the UK. I was a teenager at the time, when a well-meaning teacher of drama came to my rescue.


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There couldn’t be a better time for Brian Harrison’s book than an election year in which the country is more polarized than ever. …

And It’s Always Night

WE’VE ALL come across people who say they don’t like fiction because it doesn’t teach them anything. I contend that a person could read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica website and not learn as much about human nature as they would by reading an especially fine novel, such as Peter Cameron’s What Happens at Night.

Art and the Heart’s Desire

            Keith Haring’s Line is neither a biography nor a general assessment of Haring’s work as an artist. Rather, it is a queer musing upon the intersections of sex and race in Haring’s work, drawing heavily upon the influence of Roland Barthes’ Mythologies and Jose Esteban Munoz’ Cruising Utopia. Montez writes with authority about photography, art, and queer theory, but the passion of this book lies in its interrogation of sex and race.

The Stanwyck Mystique

The first half of The Shadowgraph centers on a dysfunctional Iowa childhood. …
… The second and more engaging half of the book consists of poems under titles of movies starring Stanwyck. Wonderfully witty as viewing companions, they function on other levels, too.

Another Family in Transition

            This book is about Jeremy’s transition and his family’s growth in understanding and acceptance, but it’s also the story of the Ivestors role in becoming advocates for transgender rights. Once a Girl, Always a Boy is a story of an intimate journey that informs the cisgender world about the complexities of gender identity and the importance of familial and social acceptance.

Rare Bird of Little Syria

THE QUEST to discover one’s true identity is a central theme in much of world literature. Zeyn Joukha-dar’s new novel, The Thirty Names of Night, explores this issue from a multiplicity of angles.

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