Announcing The G&LR’s first podcast: popular,
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Popular is a podcast about social stratification, middle school bulls**t, and the secret world of queer DC. Over three episodes, host William Keiser takes the listener on a journey through LGBTQ Washington, DC, its queer nightlife, history, and dark underbelly.

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About the Host

William Keiser is a screenwriter, podcaster, and former dancer. His credits include story editing on TLC’s My 600 Lb Life and the interview-based podcast Queers & Careers with USA Today’s Claire Thornton. You can find more of him @williamskeiser on TikTok, @keiserwilhelm on Instagram, and @keiserwilhelm_ on Twitter.

About the Co-producer,

haus of bambi is a movement-based company that produces genderless and gendermore fantasies for the stage, screen, and nightclub. It holds at its core a respect for faggotry, sawftness, nightlife, high art, and sticky dance floors. haus of bambi is committed to working with queer, trans*, non-binary, and femme and butch artists across the spectrum, and to creating spaces for queer community, participation, and joy.

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