Outer Appearances – G&LR’s 30th anniversary


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Outer Appearances
More Faces from the Annals of The G&LR
Illustrations by Charles Hefling

A retrospective on the art of Charles Hefling
In celebration of the Thirtieth Anniversary of The G&LR
The Gay & Lesbian Review / WORLDWIDE


Outer Appearances, by Richard Schneider Jr.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN for a magazine to hit the Big 3-0? For a person it usually means the end of youth and entry into dreaded adulthood, but for a niche-y, literate LGBT magazine, thirty years is beyond old age, a lifespan that no one would have predicted, least of all me, when the first issue of The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review came out in Winter 1994. But reaching a round number also means that we have some celebrating to do, and we’re doing it by replacing The G&LR’s January-February 2024 issue with this book, which is Volume II of an homage to the achievement of our Contributing Artist, Charles Hefling. What follows are 27 of his illustrations paired with excerpts from articles that ran in the magazine over the years. Read More

Cary Grant, by Allen Ellenzweig
Greta Garbo, by Irene Javors
Little Richard, by Richard Schneider Jr.
Harvey Fierstein, by Felice Picano
Melissa Etheridge, by Bonnie J. Morris
Alan Cumming, by Colin Carman
James Whiteside, by Charles Green

Jean Genet, by Elizabeth Stephens
Stephen Sondheim, by David LaFontaine
Mart Crowley, by Allen Ellenzweig
Terrence McNally, by Raymond-Jean Frontain
Charles Ludlam, by Richard Canning

Gertrude Stein, by Jean E. Mills
Langston Hughes, by Andre Bagoo
Patricia Highsmith, by William Burton
Gore Vidal, by Steven F. Dansky
Susan Sontag, by Martha E. Stone
The Violet Quill, by David Bergman
David Sedaris, by Michael Schwartz

Tom of Finland, by Jack Porter
Edward Gorey, by Mark Dery
Keith Haring, by John R. Killacky
Alison Bechdel, by Rosemary Booth

Eleanor Roosevelt, by Terri Schlichenmeyer
Pauli Murray, by Martha Miller
Bayard Rustin, by Jim Nawrocki
Larry Kramer, by Matthew Hays

Authors’ Biographies


ANDRE BAGOO’s latest books include The Undiscovered Country, The Dreaming, and Narcissus. He lives in Trinidad with his dog Chaplin.

DAVID BERGMAN, a professor of English at Towson University in Maryland, is the poetry editor for The G&LR.

ROSEMARY BOOTH, a regular contributor to The G&LR, is a writer and photographer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

WILLIAM BURTON, a frequent reviewer for The G&LR, is a writer based in Jensen Beach, FL.

RICHARD CANNING is author or editor of ten books, most recently of Brigid Brophy: Avant-Garde Writer, Critic, Activist. His critical life of Ronald Firbank is forthcoming from Harvard University Press.

COLIN CARMAN, who teaches British and American literature at Colorado Mesa University, is the author of The Radical Ecology of the Shelleys: Eros and Environment.

STEVEN F. DANSKY is an activist, documentarian, photographer, psychotherapist, and writer. A member of the Gay Liberation Front in the 1970s, he is the director of Outspoken: Oral Histories from LGBTQ Pioneers.

MARK DERY is a cultural critic, essayist, and author of four books. His most recent book is the biography Born to Be Posthumous: The Eccentric Life and Mysterious Genius of Edward Gorey.

ALLEN ELLENZWEIG, a longtime G&LR contributor, is the author of the recently published biography George Platt Lynes: The Daring Eye.

RAYMOND-JEAN FRONTAIN, professor of English at the University of Central Arkansas, is editor of the academic quarterly ANQ and author of The Theater of Terrence McNally: Something about Grace (2019).

CHARLES GREEN, a frequent reviewer for The G&LR, is a writer based in Annapolis, Maryland.

MATTHEW HAYS, co-editor of the “Queer Film Classics” book series, teaches film studies and journalism at Concordia University in Montréal.

IRENE JAVORS, a frequent contributor to The G&LR, lives and works in New York City.

JOHN R. KILLACKY, who lives in Vermont, is the author of Because Art: Commentary, Critique, & Conversation (2021).

DAVID LAFONTAINE, a professor in the English Dept. at Massasoit Community College in Massachusetts, has written several articles on music topics for The G&LR.

MARTHA MILLER, whose latest novel is titled Me Inside, is a Midwestern writer of plays, fiction, reviews, and other nonfiction.

JEAN E. MILLS teaches English at Hunter College in New York City.

BONNIE J. MORRIS teaches LGBTQ history and the history of the women’s music movement at UC-Berkeley. The author of 19 books, including The Disappearing L, she is the archivist for Olivia Records.

JIM NAWROCKI (1964–2019), poet and writer, was a regular contributor to The G&LR for many years and also wrote for The Bay Area Reporter in San Francisco, the bimonthly New Art Examiner, and other periodicals.

FELICE PICANO’s latest book is titled Six Strange Stories and an Essay about H.P. Lovecraft (Cyberwit.net).

JACK PORTER is an associate professor at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University.

TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER, a frequent reviewer for The G&LR, is a freelance writer based in Wisconsin.

RICHARD SCHNEIDER JR. is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Gay & Lesbian Review / Worldwide.

MICHAEL SCHWARTZ is an associate editor of, and longtime contributor to, The Gay & Lesbian Review.

ELIZABETH STEPHENS is associate professor of cultural studies at the University of Queensland in Australia.

MARTHA E. STONE, the literary editor of The G&LR since its founding in 1994, has contributed to almost all of its 166 issues.