Staff/Board of Directors

Editor-in-Chief and Founder

Richard Schneider Jr.
Richard Schneider Jr.

Richard received his PhD in sociology from Harvard in the early 1980’s. He taught sociology and anthropology as an “itinerant scholar” for the University of Maryland’s European Division for the next five years. He then returned to Boston to become the Director of Research for a Boston-based consulting firm, The Center for Strategy Research, where he remained through most of the 90’s. He founded The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review in 1994 and has remained its editor and de facto publisher ever since.



Literary Editor
Martha E. Stone

Poetry Editor
David Bergman

Associate Editors
Jeremy Fox
Christopher Hennessy
Michael  Schwartz

Contributing Writers
Daniel Burr, Colin Carman, Allen Ellenzweig, Chris Freeman, Cassandra Langer, Andrew Holleran, Jim Nawrocki,  James Polchin, Vernon Rosario

Contributing Artist
Charles Hefling


Stephen Hemrick







Board of Directors

Art Cohen (Chairman)
Donald Gorton (Clerk)
Eduardo Febles
Robert Hardman
David LaFontaine
Andrew Lear
Richard Schneider, Jr. (President)
Martha E. Stone
Thomas Youngren (Treasurer)