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By Richard Schneider
Seems it’s been a while since the religious Right went into full freakout mode over a logo or ad campaign, but they pretty much lost their minds over a change in those multi-colored and commercially personified candies known as M&M’s. …


By Allen Ellenzweig
As Long As I’m Famous wishes to be an exposé of Broadway and Hollywood in the period after World War II; the narrative action mostly takes place in 1948.  It focuses on a half-dozen overlapping relationships, but mostly zeroes in on the young Montgomery Clift …


By Ignacio Darnaude

CHICAGO’S WRIGHTWOOD 659, a private institution focused on socially engaged art, is currently showing a landmark exhibition: The First Homosexuals: Global Depictions of a New Identity, 1869–1930.


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By Noni Salma
This is not a love story. Or a story of a child missing a father. This is a story of a father chasing a lost shadow. This is a story of a child who is not a dream come true. …


By Jer Long
Life with Shirley T., was a rollercoaster ride through an Edgar Allen Poe version of Alice in Wonderland. Her peaceable downtimes I relished. Her flipping nightmares I bore with monkish silence. Her madcap express I boarded eagerly. Unpredictable, she was a force to reckon with.


By Dick Atkins

Tiffany never gave up hope for her ultimate goal, finding love and comfort in the body and soul she felt was hers.


Book Reviews

Swann As a Problem Novel

This is primarily a tale of one heterosexual man’s obsessive love and even more obsessive jealousy for a woman he eventually dismisses as his social inferior: “To think that I wasted years of my life, that I wanted to die, that I had my greatest love, for a woman to whom I wasn’t attracted, who wasn’t my type!” (Yes, Proust’s “wit” is often classist.)

Goodbye to All That

Other Names is about far more than shifting attitudes about homosexuality or a troubled father-son relationship. It’s about what constitutes one’s identity. What does it mean to be Pakistani or British? To be a son? To be a gay man?

Dr. Watson on the Hunt

Hound of the Baskervilles has some similarities to McOmber’s 2020 novel Jesus and John, in which the Apostle John and a newly resurrected Jesus try to escape from a labyrinthine villa in ancient Rome.

Live from Weimar

These stories, in short, are a celebration of gay sex: not comradely affection, not romantic friendship, but actual gay sex. It’s good to have access to them as a reminder of what was possible a hundred years ago.

Transcendent Stories from the Everyday

This translation of Moldy Strawberries—forty years after it was first published—finally offers to English readers this important work of world queer literature.

Short Reviews

Brief reviews of the books A Short History of Queer Women, Brother Alive, Jazzed, and Love Poems of a Gay Nerd; and the album Bronco.

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