What Was Same-Sex Marriage?



“AS HOMOSEXUALITY becomes more socially acceptable, we may even begin to find families based on homosexual ‘marriages’ with the partners adopting children.” So said Alvin Toffler in Future Shock, the 1970 publishing sensation that introduced Americans to “information overload” and assorted other innovations he predicted for the coming years. About those children that might be adopted by homosexuals, Toffler added, somewhat strangely, “Whether these children would be of the same or opposite sex remains to be seen.” Citing Britain’s 1967 decriminalization of homosexual acts between consenting adults, among other developments, he went on to declare, “The day may also come when a court decides that a couple of stable, well educated homosexuals might make decent ‘parents.’”

Thirty-five years later, Toffler’s words sound prescient, and yet already obsolete.

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