Coming Out, Indian Style
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Published in: March-April 2005 issue.


by Abha Dawesar
Anchor Books. 356 pages, $13.


SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD Anamika Sharma is an overly earnest, overachieving high school girl in a hurry. As the head prefect at her academically rigorous and slightly progressive high school in Delhi, India, she’s respected by most of her peers and teachers. As if her intense studies in physics and math (along with a summer spent reading Dostoyevsky) weren’t enough, she takes on three lovers in the course of this sometimes entertaining, sometimes exasperating novel. Anamika feels that everything will be fine as long as each lover is given equal time. However, when their lives, and those of her parents, begin to intersect, life gets even more hectic. But somehow there are no scenes of recrimination.

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