Anglo-American, Gay-Inflected Movies
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Published in: March-April 2007 issue.


British Queer CinemaBritish Queer Cinema
Edited by Robin Griffiths
Routledge. 248 pages, $31.95


BRITISH QUEER CINEMA? What’s that? This substantial collection of academic essays appears under a title that is less self-evident than it may appear, in respect of all three of its terms.

Pretty much all the contributors are obliged to discuss the knotty term “queer,” conceding that the word has invariably been applied to Amer-ican and continental European filmmaking, with the single exception of the late Derek Jarman’s oeuvre. They make such a meal of this rather unnecessary problem—establishing what “queer” is, and/or insisting it can’t be defined, and then meas-uring selected movies against sundry definitions and non-definitions—that the reader simply wants to say: “Get on with it!” Ultimately, characters, actors, directors, and writers are shunted under collective umbrella terms such as “lesbian/gay/ queer” anyhow. Everything I found interesting in these pieces had nothing to do with abstract or definitional crises. (Robin Griffiths’ introduction succumbs to that other blight of academia, the tortuous pun, as in: “the history of queerness in British sinema.”)

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