Days of Wine and Retail



Dirty White BoyDirty White Boy: Tales of Soho
by Clayton Littlewood
Cleis Press.  350 pages, $14.95 (paper)


CLAYTON LITTLEWOOD and his partner Jorge owned an outlet of the now defunct designer clothing chain, Dirty White Boy, in the heart of London’s gay mecca, Old Compton Street in Soho. Sitting in the window of his store, Littlewood would blog on MySpace about the low-life characters who hung out in his vibrant neighborhood, such as Sue the madam, who ran the brothel upstairs; Angela, a six-foot-five post-op transsexual and a direct descendant of Sally Bowles; and Pam the Fag Lady, who collected cigarette butts and hid her stash under the wheel of a car.

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