Scenes from a Marriage
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Published in: May-June 2007 issue.


Homo DomesticusHomo Domesticus: Notes from a Same-Sex Marriage
by David Valdes Greenwood
DaCapo Lifelong Press. 214 pages, $22.


WHEN YOU SEE a couple walking hand-in-hand down the street, it kind of makes you smile, doesn’t it? Ah, young love. You know how it is: two people meet and sparks fly. They date for awhile, getting to know one another, learning about individual peccadillos, deciding if they have a future together. They shyly introduce one another to family and friends. And eventually, one or both decides that they want to spend the rest of their lives together, a proposal is made, a ceremony is planned, and there you are. They become man and—husband. In the delightful new book, Homo Domesticus, by David Valdes Greenwood, you’ll read about love gained, lost, gained again, and the happiest-ever-after ever.

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