Eyes on the Vows
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Published in: May-June 2011 issue.


A Passionate Engagement  by Ken HarveyA Passionate Engagement
by Ken Harvey
Pleasure Boat Studio. 199 pages, $18.


THE STRUGGLE for marriage equality is something we all support, and marriage is a state that many gay couples embrace. But what about the wedding ceremony itself, a rite of passage that has come to be invested with the promise of eternal love, fidelity, happiness? For writer Ken Harvey, author of the award-winning book, If You Were With Me, Everything Would Be All Right, getting legally married to his partner Bruce, whom he met through a personal ad in The Boston Phoenix, was life’s “Be all moment.” That moment is the basis for Harvey’s memoir, A Passionate Engagement, which follows Ken and Bruce as they come to grips with whether to marry legally once their home state of Massachusetts makes it possible.

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