Identity Shifts
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Published in: July-August 2012 issue.


A Queer and Pleasant DangerA Queer and Pleasant Danger: The true story
of a nice Jewish boy who joins the Church of
Scientology and leaves twelve years later to
become the lovely lady she is today

by Kate Bornstein
Beacon Press.  280 pages, $24.95


AT four-and-a-half years old, most kids are just learning their ABCs, but Albert Bornstein knew at that age that he wasn’t a boy, so he must be a girl. He also knew that this wasn’t what people wanted to hear, so he never spilled his secret. Instead, he grew up wanting to be Audrey Hepburn—and if not Hepburn, there were other choices. He always loved women, and there were so many that he could imagine being!

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