Intrigue at AIDS, Inc.
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Published in: September-October 2023 issue.


by Dennis Altman
Clouds of Magellan Press. 229 pages, $20.99

IN 1982, Australian activist and academic Dennis Altman published a widely read book of nonfiction titled The Homosexualization of America: The Americanization of the Homosexual, one of several works of nonfiction that have covered aspects of the worldwide LGBT rights movement and other topics (including his Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation in 1993 and Queer Wars in 2016). With the publication of Death in the Sauna, Altman has delved into fiction with a murder mystery that calls upon his expertise in HIV research, gender, and sexuality, creating a story of murder, deception, rivalry, and greed.

            The novel opens as a major international AIDS conference is about to take place in London, but on the eve of its opening day, the conference chair, Pomfrey Lister, is found dead in a gay sauna.

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