Latent Heterosexuality



Going Dutch
by James Gregor
Simon & Schuster. 352 pages, $26.99


A CANADIAN TRANSPLANT to Brooklyn, Richard Turner, the protagonist of James Gregor’s comedic and captivating debut novel Going Dutch, is broke, self-absorbed, somewhat befuddled, and highly appealing. Pursuing a doctorate in medieval Italian literature at Columbia, he suffers from writer’s block, and his thesis has stalled. If he doesn’t submit something to his advisor, Antonella, soon, his fellowship funds will dry up.

         Never having thought of himself as anything other than gay, Richard becomes enmeshed in a network of relationships that threaten to upend the life he always imagined he would have,

James Cassell is an artist and writer who lives in Silver Spring, MD. He wrote about David Wojnarowicz in the March-April 2019 issue.



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