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Jenny Kidd by Laury A. EganJenny Kidd
by Laury A. Egan
Vagabondage Press. 206 pages, $14.95



A YOUNG American artist, Jenny Kidd, has left a dull job and her overbearing parents behind to come to Venice. In New York, she feels trapped between her parents’ expectations, her need to make a living, and her desire to paint and teach or illustrate. In Venice, hoping that her paintings might provide a livelihood, she also explores her curiosity about lesbianism and her own sexuality. Since coming out requires desire plus opportunity, the story opens with both. While at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, standing captivated before Kandinsky’s painting White Cross, she meets a British woman, Randi Carroll, who invites her to a masquerade party at Palazzo Barbon, and thus begins a chilling adventure.

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