Michael Musto, New York’s Diva of Dish



Celebrity culture vultures have long devoured the words of Michael Musto, the storied dish artist who has served up the otherwise Mustounreported dimension of the famous for over two decades in his Village Voice column. Notably uninhibited about reporting on where celebrities sit on the Kinsey Scale, Musto has long taken shots at the mainstream media for their squeamishness about doing just that. In addition to his column, Musto now blogs incessantly and is a considerable media presence, appearing regularly on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show while also contributing articles to gay outlets like Out and The Advocate.

    In his fourth book, Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back (Vantage Point), Musto rants about the celebrity culture to which he has harnessed his career, waxing philosophical on everyone from Grace Jones and Madonna to Sarah Silverman and Lindsay Lohan. And it receives a ringing endorsement from none other than fellow traveler in gossip Joan Rivers, who calls Musto “a genius.”

    I spoke with Michael Musto by phone from New York last October.


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