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CLAUDE FREDERICKS made the final entry in his lifelong journal on December 26, 2012, two weeks before his death. He died at his beloved homestead in Pawlet, Vermont, with his “sweet friend” and husband Marc Harrington at his side. They first met at Bennington College, where Claude taught classics and Marc was an undergraduate. Their romance blossomed a few years after Marc graduated, and they lived together for the last eighteen years of Claude’s life. Among their accomplishments over the past few years has been publication of the first three volumes of The Journal of Claude Fredericks

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  1. I have just read an interesting piece in The New Yorker that deals with Claude Fredericks and his journal. I have read a number of references to Fredericks, find him fascinating, and would like to learn more.
    I also feel that any blog that treats Fredericks probably has a lot of other interesting material in it.

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