Neapolitan Melt
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Published in: July-August 2011 issue.


The Sibyl's MistakeThe Sibyl’s Mistake
by Edward Wilson
iUniverse. 163 pages, $23.95


THIS CHARMING NOVEL follows a diverse group of Americans on their summer travels in Naples. The cast comes from all walks of life, including a tour group of older gay men “and their admirers” learning about the history and culture of the area, a paleontologist on a year-long sabbatical performing research and trying to escape his recent misadventures, a newly single woman taking a cruise, and a straight composer working on his Broadway debut with wife and daughter in tow. While the novel is primarily focused upon the escapades of the tour group, known as the Prime Numbers, their story interacts with the other characters’ at several points, sometimes in rather unusual ways.

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