Now That You’re Gypsy…



Patti LuPone:  A Memoir by Patti LuPone, with Digby DiehlPatti LuPone:  A Memoir
by Patti LuPone, with Digby Diehl
Crown Archetype.  324 pages, $25.99


PATTI LUPONE, who became something of a gay icon in the total role of Gypsy in its 2008 Broadway revival, was born into a Long Island family filled with drama. Rumor had it that her maternal grandmother was a bootlegger who had something to do with Grandpa’s murder. One of LuPone’s aunts was a belly dancer. LuPone’s own parents were divorced at a time when divorce was uncommon. With all this drama in the family, it should come as no surprise that LuPone knew by the age of four that she wanted to become a performer.

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