… Or, Those Crazy 80’s



Remembrance of Things I ForgotRemembrance of Things I Forgot: A Novel
by Bob Smith
Wisconsin / Terrace Books.  272 pages, $26.95


FOLLOWING two memoirs and a first-rate debut novel, Selfish and Perverse (2007), comedian Bob Smith’s second novel, Remembrance of Things I Forgot, will surely thrill the author’s many fans. Here it may well prove resistant to a brief summary; and few works of fiction require a greater suspension of disbelief.

Smith’s narrator is again an amiable drifter. Comic book dealer John Sherkston resolves to end his relationship with his all too alpha partner Taylor Esgard, a physicist, chiefly because of Taylor’s drift into the politics of the Right. However, his decision coincides with Taylor’s professional breakthrough moment.

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