Peter Paige and the Making of The Fosters


IN THE TV SERIES Queer as Folk, Emmett Honeycutt was everyone’s favorite Southern queen a decade ago. He was portrayed by Peter Paige, a multi-talented actor, writer, and producer. In a more recent incarnation, Paige is co-creator of the groundbreaking drama The Fosters, which has aired on ABC Family on Monday nights since June 2013. The show, a production of Jennifer Lopez’ PeterPaige_030JLE company, features a biracial lesbian couple who have quite a diverse household: a biological child, an adopted set of twins (boy and girl, Mexican-American), and a set of foster siblings.

     I sat down with Mr. Paige on a rare quiet morning for him in his Los Angeles apartment to talk about his career and his new hit show.

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Chris Freeman, who teaches English and gender studies at USC, is co-editor of a forthcoming book of essays, The American Isherwood.


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