Residency Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Go Out



Defying Norms in Love and Medicine
by Patricia Grayhall
She Writes Press. 344 pages, $17.95


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            A second insight is Grayhall’s acknowledgment that her own dating behavior had hurt people, and the awareness is sobering. The epilogue reveals that within a year the writer would meet someone on a business trip to London, and their relationship would last. She and her (now) wife live on an island off the northwest coast of Canada, in a “tight community” of mostly straight friends, with opportunities to visit lesbian pals from Grayhall’s medical career in Seattle—a foot in both countries, as it were.

            Making the Rounds is alive with passion and tumult, a discovery narrative in which the writer comes to recognize herself as capable of love. More reflection on the transformation might have been nice. But then again, the journey was hectic!

Rosemary Booth is a writer and photographer living in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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