Short film. Based on award winning story by LGBT fiction pioneer Richard Hall.

Splitting the Difference



How to Earn Your Keep by Deahn BerriniHow to Earn Your Keep
by Deahn Berrini
Four Square Press. 287 pages, $14.


DEAHN BERRINI’S How To Earn Your Keep is a tentative novel, full of almosts. It has aspects of a legal thriller, shadings of chick lit, and something akin to a coming out story, braided into a larger narrative about finding one’s moral compass in trying times. It’s an engaging mix, if hesitant in its delivery.

Twenty-one-year-old Kit Lavoie is living at home. After losing a college scholarship, she’s the sole source of reliable income for her brother Larry and her helpless, dependent mother. Her job with a personal injury lawyer relies on constant fudging of truths and blurring the lines of acceptable behavior. When her boss latches onto a potentially lucrative case, Kit worries about the harm it will do to the defendant. Meanwhile, her brother is breaking up with a girlfriend, meandering from job to job, and might be in love with a boy.

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