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Beginning with the MirrorBeginning with the Mirror: Ten Stories about Love, Desire and Moving between Worlds
by Peter Dubé
Lethe Press.  178 pages, $15.


NOWHERE in Beginning with the Mirror is the author identified as a bilingual writer, but as a lifelong resident of Montreal, Canada’s version of Paris, Peter Dubé knows what it’s like to live in two linguistic worlds. His short stories are those of a writer who moves between worlds not only of language and culture but also of everyday reality and dream-like possibility. Indeed, the narrators of several of these stories can shape-shift or change form, sometimes without consciously intending to.

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         The author’s style is as fluid as the plots of the stories, and he makes it look effortless. Each story is distinct, and some are intensely moving. Lovers of adult fantasy will undoubtedly find something here to their liking.



 Jean Roberta is a writer based in Regina, Saskatchewan.


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