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The brief saga of Madison Cawthorn has come to an end (for now) with his defeat in the Pennsylvania primary. His meteoric rise to the U.S. Congress made him its youngest member upon his election in 2020. Cawthorn is a Trump Republican who looks like a matinee idol from the ’50s and gets around in a wheelchair. He spews homophobic rhetoric with the best of them but lives with a staff member named Stephen Smith who’s clearly his lover. Reportedly there’s a ton of incriminating evidence in the form of photos, videos, and screenshots of intimate scenes. This and other revelations—including complaints of sexual harassment by other staffers—caused a panicky Cawthorn to marry his girlfriend before the 2020 election. But guess who accompanied them on their honeymoon to Dubai: Stephen Smith! After Cawthorn took office, the panic shifted to Congressional Republicans, who launched an investigation into his “inappropriate relationship.” His next move was to tell the media that Republicans in Congress had invited him to sex orgies and offered him cocaine—which is when his Party support collapsed altogether. In defeat, the never charming Cawthorn vowed revenge on his enemies, declaring that “It’s time for dark MAGA to take command.” That sounds scary, but it’s something we should probably know about.


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  1. Can Not Stand thst creepy little punk Cawthorn.

    However, I live in PENNSYLVANIA- he is not, has never been, a Representative from here.

    Pennsylvanians can be stupid in how they vote- Dr “I live/vote in New Jersey and have a TURKISH PASSPORT” Oz got the Republican nomination to run for senator (Definitely Stupid) — but we have NO connection for “I Love Adolf” Cawthorn

  2. Perhaps it’s time to move past calling evidence of a covert same-sex relationship words like “incriminating.”

    Regardless of Crawford’s politics, gay shame can be a mindf*ck, especially for Southern Christian boys who were paralysed in an accident during Spring Break in Daytona Beach. Outside a football stadium and a Marine base, Spring Break Daytona is ground zero for toxic American masculinity.

    As for his antics, he’s a punk whose neural pathways have barely settled down for adulthood. We’ve all evolved on something or other since our 20s that makes us shudder at the memory of it.

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