Here’s My Story

HERE’S MY STORY is a new feature on The G&LR’s website, where you can share some part of your life story with other readers. We receive a lot of submissions of personal memoirs, but the magazine doesn’t publish first-person narratives as a general rule. “Here’s My Story” is a space that allows our readers (and others) to talk about their experiences as members of the LGBT+ community. There are no restrictions on subject matter, but some broad areas might include:

  • Coming-out stories
  • Memorable love affairs
  • An epiphany (e.g. a work of art)

Click here to submit a proposal or an article (< 1,000 words, please) for publication. Also include a photo or two that could be included with the piece, as well as a pic of yourself and a short bio.

We will help you with editing as required.

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By Loren Olson

If I am known in this world at all, I want to be known as myself. I hope you approve, but it no longer matters to me if you do.


By Jonthan Alexander

We had ourselves, our own experiences, our journeys to this moment.  We couldn’t hide anymore. And we didn’t.  


By Meredith May

Managing Edie’s stress tested the limits of our compassion and our strength as a couple, but the shared struggle has bonded us closer than had we been given an easy dog.


By Bea Hitchman

Undeniably the gift of aunthood, made us revisit our choices about having children of our own—whatever that might come to mean.

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