Short film. Based on award winning story by LGBT fiction pioneer Richard Hall.

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May-June 2015

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RYAN CONRAD is an artist, activist, and scholar whose politics challenge what he sees as assimilationist tendencies in the mainstream GLBT movement. He’s also the co-founder of Against Equality (AE),…More


         Assimilation into a dominant mainstream has always been a thorny issue for minority groups seeking acceptance. It would be cranky to begrudge the millions of gay men and lesbians…More


Michael Mewshaw’s memoir of Gore Vidal opens like The Rocky Horror Picture Show: an innocent young couple in a vehicle are about to meet someone monstrous. Only in this case…More


What follows is the introduction to a forthcoming collection of Doug Ireland’s essays, edited by the author of this piece, titled The Emperor Has No Clothes: Doug Ireland’s Radical…More


The audacious French theater director André Antoine felt compelled to write to an author whose play he had accepted for production that he would have to cancel the performance.…More


  Those Not Gay Husbands To the Editor:          Commenting on your “BTW” squib about the TLC show, My Husband’s Not Gay [March-April issue], I finally watched the show on…More

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