Outer Appearances Paperback



In celebration of the 30th anniversary of The G&LR.



Casual Outings
More Faces from the Annals of The G&LR
Illustrations by Charles Hefling

Paperback: $15

As The Gay & Lesbian Review crosses another milestone — their thirtieth anniversary — we mark the occasion with a book that features more of contributing artist Charles Hefling’s best illustrations.

The fact that we’re marking our 30th year can only mean that the Stonewall Riots happened 55 years ago. As luck would have it, The HGLR started publishing in the year of Stonewall’s 25th anniversary, 1994, so when we turned 25 in 2019, Stonewall was turning fifty, and we published a commemorative book titled In Search of Stonewall. So, to the Riots we say: Happy 55th!

Richard Schneider, Editor

Contributors Andrea Bagoo, David Bergman, Rosemary Booth, William Burton, Richard Canning, Colin Carman, Steven F. Dansky, Mark Dery, Allen Ellenzweig, Raymond-Jean Frontain, Charles Green, Mathew Hays, Irene Javors, John R. Killacky, David LaFontaine, Martha Miller, Jean E. Mills, Bonnie J. Morris, Jim Nawrocki, Felice Picano, Jack Porter, Terri Schlichenmeyer, Richard Schneider Jr., Michael Schwartz, Elizabeth Stephens, Martha E. Stone

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