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Desire, Lust, Passion, SexDesire, Lust, Passion, Sex
by Jameson Currier
Green Candy Press.  288 pages, $14.95


THE TITLE of Jameson Currier’s book of short stories, Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex, making use of four words that need to go on a ten-year hiatus, kept my initial expectations for this book low. The opening story, “Lessons,” a tale about a man who rediscovers his libido with the help of a few dildos and an older teacher, didn’t help matters, because it reads like a class exercise rather than a sincere inquiry into what it means to rediscover sex in middle age. “Even though those gates of mine had been closed so long the locks were rusty, I was still standing outside my closet.” And the explicit descriptions of being busted by a dildo made me wonder who this story is for. Gay men who want to know more about the risks of sexual aids? If so, this is a pretty specialized readership to be addressing.

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