The Men of the 50’s, Naked and In-Depth



Comin’ At YaComin’ At Ya!:  The Homoerotic 3-D Photographs of Denny Denfield
Edited by David L. Chapman and Thomas Waugh
Arsenal Pulp Press
208 pages (illustrated), $27.95


THIS NEW BOOK of photographs is remarkable in a number of ways. First, Comin’ At Ya!’s nude and in some cases explicitly erotic photos of men alone and in pairs were taken in the 1950’s, at a time when publishing pictures far less suggestive than these could get you thrown in jail. Second, compared to the highly posed and stylized “physique” photographs of this era (and going back to the early 20th century), Denny Denfield’s models are not only au naturel but taken in natural settings with a minimum of staging. Finally, they were all taken using a special double-lens camera that allowed the images to be viewed in three dimensions.

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