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Good to Know  For gay guys of a certain generation, rock stars like Mick Jagger and David Bowie and Lou Reed played an outsize role in liberating the libido from the straitjacket of, well, straightness. Still, there was always that slightly uneasy feeling that they may not have come by their androgyny honestly, that it was all just an act to sell records. Jagger, after all, has had four female partners or wives and has eight children (it’s two and two for Bowie). It may be vulgar to wonder whether these godlike figures ever actually did the nasty with another dude, but hey, we’re only human. There have been various corroborations over the years, but a new book titled The Stone Age: Sixty Years of the Rolling Stones, by Lesley-Ann Jones, has dug deep and confirmed that Jagger had sexual relations with David Bowie, guitarist Mick Taylor, band member Keith Richards, Austrian actor Helmut Berger, and others. Which is reassuring and not surprising, but… Keith Richards?!


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