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Published in: May-June 2017 issue.


Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 2.53.19 PMFun Down There The defeat of North Carolina’s Republican governor, Pat McCrory, last November ran against the general tide of the election, and his loss was clearly due to his support for the infamous HB2 or “bathroom bill” that bars transgender people from using the public restroom of their choice. The law triggered a boycott of North Carolina venues by sports events and rock stars, resulting in a substantial loss of revenue and jobs. Since then, McCrory has complained that he can’t find a job because he’s regarded as a bigot, and he and his wife have been shunned by former friends. But perhaps the unkindest cut came in the form of a product that you can buy for your favorite public urinal: a screen bearing the likeness of the former governor. There is something Dante-esque about this idea, updated for the times: It follows the principle of letting the punishment fit the crime and uses technology to give everyone a shot at revenge—which in this case is a dish that’s best served warm.

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