The Remains of the Underground
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Published in: January-February 2013 issue.


Our Kind of Movie“Our Kind of Movie”: The Films of Andy Warhol
by Douglas Crimp
MIT Press. 171 pages, $27.95


CONSIDERING his impact upon American underground cinema, it is surprising that Andy War-hol is still known far more for his silk-screens than for his celluloid. As author and art history professor Douglas Crimp points out in his elegant and smart new book on some of Warhol’s key cinematic works, Warhol was hugely prolific, having made more than 100 films and almost 500 film portraits (known as Screen Tests). (Part of Warhol’s obscurity as a filmmaker, Crimp suggests, is due to Warhol’s own decision to pull his films from distribution in the ’70s, something that changed only after his death in 1987.)

Andy Warhol   With “Our Kind of Movie”, Crimp sets out to highlight just how important and trailblazing Warhol’s film work was, and how relevant it remains.

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