The US Is a Harsh Mistress
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Published in: July-August 2020 issue.


Unrequited Love: Diary of an Accidental Activist
by Dennis Altman
Monash University Publishing. 231 pages, $29.95


AN ENGAGING, intelligent memoir by Australian writer, scholar, and activist Dennis Altman, Unrequited Love is written as a diary that covers the years from 2016, just after the U.S. Presidential election, to the start of 2019. Altman also looks back at his beginnings as a scholar and a gay rights activist.

            The book follows Altman around the world for nearly three years, mainly in various parts of Australia and the U.S., but also throughout Europe, as he speaks at conferences and writers’ panels and meets with friends he has known for many years. Politics is a major topic of conversation at these gatherings, both those of the gay rights movement and politics in general in Australia and the U.S. American readers will gain a reasonably good understanding of Australia’s political system and a sense of the various MPs and prime ministers who have helped shaped its history.

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Charles Green is a writer based in Annapolis, Maryland.