Tierra del Fuego
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Published in: September-October 2020 issue.


by Timothy Jay Smith
Arcade CrimeWise Publishing. 267 pages, $24.99


IN THE FICTIONAL TOWN of Vourvoulos, FBI agent Nick Damigos has been summoned to this Greek island paradise by the village mayor. Nick goes undercover there to investigate a series of suspicious fires believed to be the work of an arsonist, which threaten the small seaside town. So begins Fire on the Island, the latest novel by Timothy Jay Smith.

            Nick, who is gay and posing as a writer, arrives in the small village just as the eleventh in a series of fires has broken out, and he heroically saves an endangered dog. In this way he immediately endears himself to the community. The mysterious fires have imperiled the town, and Nick is determined to put a stop to them. He discovers early on that there seems to be a pattern to the location of each fire—from the town’s periphery toward the center of the village. A historic church in the middle of town and a large fuel basin seem to be the next likely targets. If the fires reach the basin, the entire village could be destroyed.

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