We Are in Kansas, After All



Under the Rainbow:  A Novel
by Celia Laskey
Riverhead Books. 288 pages, $27.



IT WAS MEANT to be a grand social experiment. When Acceptance Across America (AAA) had finished collecting data, crunching the numbers, peering at social media posts, and examining other statistics, they announced their findings: Big Burr, Kansas, was the most homophobic, bigoted town in America. With a target community in sight, they now set out to ascertain whether this kind of bigotry could be turned around. To find out what it might take to change people’s minds, the organization sent a task force of LGBT individuals and their families to live and work in Big Burr for two years.

            Such is the premise of this biting, feminist, somewhat humorous, but totally absorbing novel. _________________________________________________

Terri Schlichenmeyer is a freelance writer based in Wisconsin.



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