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By John R. Killacky
IN 1981, I was with friends celebrating the Fourth of July weekend at New York’s Fire Island Pines gay enclave when life changed. Buried on page A20 of The New York Times (July 3,1981) was a report about a new condition: “Rare Cancer Seen in 41 Homosexuals.” Doctors in New York and San Francisco…


The Gay & Lesbian Review’s 25th Anniversary The Gay & Lesbian Review will reach a milestone with the publication of our next issue: the completion of our 25th year.…More


  AT 1,494,000 WORDS, A Gay History of the World is one of the longest works on homosexuality even written. It took three years to write, and the Internet was…More


England is a great country for the traveler interested in gay history and culture.  London is one of the great gay cities, and there are also places of gay…More


THE TIME has come to set the record straight. Several readers have written in to point out that the full-page illustration that appears in the current issue (March-April ’15) under…More

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