The G&LR is Turning 25!



The Gay & Lesbian Review‘s 25th Anniversary

The Gay & Lesbian Review will reach a milestone with the publication of our next issue: the completion of our 25th year. To commemorate this event, we’re publishing a collection of articles from our first 25 years, so what you’ll receive in the mail will be a book plus an abbreviated Jan.-Feb. 2019 issue.

The G&LR was founded in 1994, which was the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. So now that the latter event is turning 50, we decided to celebrate both anniversaries with a book titled In Search of Stonewall. 

We’re also excited to share Part II of the video from The G&LR’s anniversary kickoff event last April, in which editor and founder Richard Schneider presented four awards to people who’ve been central to the magazine since the early days. We think you’ll gain a greater appreciation for the importance of their contributions from these remarks. (Note that in September, we shared a video of the first half of the event, which includes introductions by Board chair, Stewart Clifford, and a brief history of the magazine by Richard Schneider. View it here.)


Award Recipients’ Bios

Charles Hefling began illustrating for The G&LRin its first year of publication and continues to do so today, including most of the magazine’s covers. He started drawing caricatures at the age of four. Since then he has illustrated a few books, among them Have a Word on Me by Willard Espy. Until recently, he had a day job teaching theology and philosophy at Boston College, and for a time he was the editor-in-chief of the Anglican Theological Review. Having now retired (mostly) from academic pursuits, he devotes his time to calligraphy, manuscript illumination, bibliophilism, and more caricaturing. 


Andrew Hollerancontributed his landmark memoir “My Harvard” to the first issue of the magazine, and he has written for virtually every issue since then. He is the author of the novels Dancer from the Dance(1978), Nights in Aruba(1983), The Beauty of Men(1996), and Grief: A Novel(2006). Other books include Ground Zero(1988), a book of essays, and In September, the Light Changes(1999), a collection of stories. His essays in The G&LRhave covered the waterfront from literary biography (Tennessee Williams, Marcel Proust, E. M. Forster) to film criticism (Brokeback Mountain, Call Me by Your Name) and social commentary (the Internet, Hollywood, gym culture).


Michael Schwartzhas been a contributor and an Associate Editor of The G&LRsince the magazine’s inception. Raised in the suburbs of Trenton, NJ, he studied English literature, getting a BA from Middlebury College and a PhD from Yale University. After a brief stint in academia, he found work as a technical writer in North Carolina, where he also wrote a column for a Raleigh-based gay newspaper. He moved to Boston in 1984 and continued to work as a technical writer. He is now retired and lives in Allston with his husband Jeff Knudsen.



Martha E. Stone, the Literary Editor of The Gay & Lesbian Review, is responsible for acquiring and selecting books for review in the magazine. She has contributed to virtually every issue, mostly book reviews on a wide range of topics, since the beginning. She is an original member of the magazine’s Board of Directors. She is also a member of the Advisory Committee of The History Project: Documenting LGBTQ Boston. In her day job, she is a research librarian at Massachusetts General Hospital.



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