Double Your Lies


pfox-billboardAnother soldier in the church-sponsored war on gay equality! The new operation is called Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays—PFOX, not to be confused with FPOX—an obvious take-off on PFLAG, Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays.

So, they recently put up a billboard in Richmond,Virginia, that featured two identical-looking men and the words, “Identical Twins: One gay. One Not. We believe twins research studies show/ nobody is born gay.” Not to belabor the absurdity of this assertion—studies show that twins are wildly more likely to share a sexual orientation than non-twins, but of course it’s not 100%—it turns out the man on the billboard is a stock photo of one model, and the guy is pissed!

The model is Kyle Roux of South Africa, an out gay man who’s not a twin and was shocked and outraged to see his likeness being used in this way. Understandably so, for what the billboard implies is that either Roux himself or his nonexistent twin “chose” at some point to be gay, while the other presumably chose to be straight. But in order for that to work, PFOX has to be working with some kind of “good twin / evil twin” model, a feature which itself is held to be inherent in the person’s “soul”—at which point we’ve descended into mystical madness; but there you have it.