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Okay, famous people shouldn’t be held responsible for the misdeeds of their adult progeny. But what if the parent in question has built his entire career out of thumping this connection between fathers and sons, promoting an agenda of prudery and homophobia—calling it “family values”—on the theory that “the children” must be protected by an intact family unit from exposure to sexual items? Thus do we cite the case of pastor T. D. Jakes and his son Jermaine, who was recently arrested for, well, exposure of a sexual item. The police report described the circumstances of the arrest with Henry Miller precision (as reported by CBS11tv.com): “Detective X and Detective X entered the wooded area. Suspect Jakes walked directly over to where Detective X was, and stood next to Detective X with his penis exposed through his unzipped pants. Suspect Jakes then began to masturbate his erect penis with his left hand for several seconds while making eye contact with Detective X. … Suspect Jakes masturbated his erect penis in order to gratify himself and Detective X. Suspect Jakes made no attempt to conceal his erect penis from Detective X, or any other person who might be offended by his actions,” whereupon the two detectives identified themselves and made the arrest. Given the one-to-one correspondence, in Rev. Jakes’ world, between early socialization in the home and the development of homosexuality or other perversions, we are forced to wonder what specific events or family dynamics led to such a shocking display on the part of the son.


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  1. What exactly do you mean by “specific events or family dynamics”? Do you think that the father’s attempt to conceal this part of the reality from the children may have led to them discovering and embracing it on their own?

  2. well it only shows that jakes was just acting out on his own free will. i’m not trying to make any excuses for rev. t.d jakes only because i don’t live with him nor ever seen him or spent time with one another. but one thing i can tell u is that the enemy is out there for our men… to destroy and kill. so it doesn’t matter what title T.D. Jakes have on his back but what his heart is like and the only one who could judge that is the one who created him GOD! I love it… so yes was it wrong ok but sin is not of god and his dad had to step in as a dad not as a rev. because people want to destroy his name so what guess what God is greater then any living thing on earth and as long as u have him in ur heart and do as he commanded well u will see the difference in this world and what’s it become. and it could happen to anyone of use we,re excluded from anything. so I tell the Jakes family to stay strong and I will keep u in prayer.. contact me @ 347-223-6472. I have a story of my own… my name is Ruth Noemi velazquez

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