They’re Back! The Gayest Anti-gay Group Ever!


HOMMEN-CROTCHHow many erogenous zones can you find in play in this photo? A previous BTW reported on a movement in France devoted to resisting the legalization of same-sex marriage, now a fait accompli, and it quoted an article that asked, “Is this the most homoerotic anti-gay protest ever?”

Well, they’re back! Now that France has legalized same-sex marriage, the anti-gay protest is at best a rear-guard action—or an excuse to come together, take off your shirt, and embrace the cause along with your mates. Calling themselves “Hommen”—which seems to combine the French and English words for “men”—they like to paint their uniformly buff torsos with slogans that sometimes mangle the two languages, as in “Démocratie Is Dead.”

But they also sport peace symbols and sometimes wear white masks  à la Phantom of the Opera. Their one consistent article of doctrine appears to be: no shirts, ever!