Gimme Shelter


The Glory HoleBloggers and Facebookers tittered (and twittered) about an item in an Alaska newspaper, The Juneau Empire, running under the headline “Glory Hole Rededication” and picturing a priest announcing the relaunch of a Christian shelter for homeless men. The launchers were presumably unaware of the double meaning, which earned them the epithets “naïve” and “clueless” in the blogosphere. In their defense, one could argue that the Priestword “glory” had religious overtones long before it acquired its gay meaning, which is undoubtedly why it was chosen in the first place (it’s called camp). Of course, it’s always possible that these guys are actually winking their way to the tearoom; otherwise, it’s not entirely clear why Alaskan clergymen should be up on urban gay lingo.  Check out other BTW items here.