It’s Gonna Be Huge



All in the interest of keeping our finger on the Zeitgeist as it evolves in ways that those over, say, fifty may not have foreseen: there’s a new gay reality dating show called For the Love of DILFs on OutTV that’s being hosted by Stormy Daniels (yes, that Stormy Daniels). The series features two groups of gay men, “daddies” and “himbos,” who compete for each other’s affections. Daddies are older men (but not too old!), while “himbos” are gay bimbos (get it?). The goal is to be the first lucky couple to find their perfect match (and win $10k!), and among the methods used is—wait for it—the sniffing of underwear to home in on Mr. Right. Did we mention that the host of the show is Stormy Daniels, who has apparently landed on her feet despite the ongoing drama with Donald Trump? Indeed For the Love of DILFs looks like a pretty sweet gig, filmed in Florida, where, believe me, everything is beautyful.