Not In Your Hand



Seems it’s been a while since the religious Right went into full freakout mode over a logo or ad campaign, but they pretty much lost their minds over a change in those multi-colored and commercially personified candies known as M&M’s. At issue is Mars Inc.’s introduction of a new mix of colors, and thus characters, in some of its packaging. Rather than showing all six characters, a new line includes only the three females (green, brown, and purple), two of whom appear to be more than just friends. There’s even a slogan under the inverted cartoon: “Supporting women flipping the status quo.” Okay, so the morality police are mad about the lesbian pair; we get that. What’s amazing is how they piled on with invective directed not at Mars Inc. but at the people being represented in the image. Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro asked: “Women, do you feel represented now … on the M&M package that you’re guzz-ling down, lonely in your apartment with your wine and your cats? How’s that going for you?” Tucker Carlson outdid his usual virulence, singling out the “plus-size, obese purple M&M” for special ridicule. Um, Tuck, the last time we checked, all M&M’s were equally round.