Oral History Project Documents Lives of LGBTQ Immigrants Living in NYC



On September 27, Immigration Equality and the Brooklyn Community Pride Center launched the LGBTQ New Americans Project, featuring audio and video oral histories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer immigrants living in Brooklyn and throughout New York City.

Through extended conversation, the project records the unique experiences of LGBTQ immigrants in their own words. Topics and themes include experiences in their country of origin, family life, career, love, sexuality, gender identity, race, the immigration experience, and much more.

“Blatant racism and xenophobia have been rampant during this election cycle. This project is a response to that grossly inaccurate depiction of this country. The New Americans Project shares the true personal stories of queer immigrants from around the world building a life in the U.S. The participants are teachers, community organizers, and advocates. They are truly inspiring members of our community,” said Aaron C. Morris, Executive Director of Immigration Equality.

“The LGBTQ New Americans Project is an antidote to the hateful, one dimensional rhetoric we’re hearing these days. The inaugural stories of seven immigrants live online for all to hear – connecting us as people. Ours is a nation, city, and borough of immigrants and we welcome them with open arms, many of whom have escaped oppression in their country of origin for simply being themselves.” said Floyd Rumohr, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Community Pride Center.

Each oral history was recorded in its entirety in either audio only or video/audio format. Each interview is available in its entirety along with a series or shorter videos on YouTube here.