Casual Outings



In celebration of the 150th Issue of The G&LR.



Casual Outings
Great Faces from the Annals of the G&LR
The Gay & Lesbian Review at 25
Best Essays, 1994-2018
Illustrations by Charles Hefling

Paperback: $15.00

As The Gay & Lesbian Reviewcrosses another milestone — the publication of its 150th issue — we mark the occasion with a book that features some of contributing artist Charles Hefling’s best illustrations of the past decade.

These are “casual outings” of writers and artists who lived in times when it was hard or impossible to be “out” in our sense. Their stories are told in excerpts from articles by some of our many illustrious contributors over the past 27 years.

Richard Schneider, Editor

Contributors Rosemary Booth, Richard Canning, Steven F. Dansky, Martin Duberman, Michael Ehrhardt, Raymond–Jean Frontain, Philip Gambone, Diane Hamer, Michael Hattersley, Andrew Holleran, Arnie Kantrowitz, Simon Karlinsk, John R. Killacky, David LaFontaine, Cassandra Langer, Alfred Lees, Jim Nawrocki, James M. Saslow, Yoav Sivan, Diana Souhami, Charles Stone, Martha E. Stone, Andrea Weiss, Edmund White, Alistair Williamson

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